We think people working in Design need to be connected to everything that happens around them, socially, culturally and of course, within their field. And also we think it is time to ask the really important questions, like “Why?”, “How?” or “What for?”.

Therefore, we want to bring the various fields of design, like UX, Digital, Art Direction, Branding, Graphic or Interactive all in one place, in an effort to provide inspiration and ultimately develop Visual Design in Romania.

We have hosted, so far, keynote speeches with amazing creatives all over Europe, workshops, exhibitions, events and musical happenings. We are therefore aiming for a complete and mind-opening visual experience for participants of all sorts of interests.

Edge Design Talks is organized by Andrei Pastuhov, Monica Rațiu, Timea Szabo and Lászlo Fodor.

Together with our amazing team of partners, sponsors, friends and volunteers we want to offer everyone an unforgettable experience.

Thanks everyone for helping make Edge Design Talks happen!

Edge Design Talks is an event organized by Edge Design Talks Association with the immense help of our yearly partners:
Betfair Romania Development, Cognizant Softvision, Halcyon Mobile, Telenav, Young Advertising and hearty others.
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